We can say that Apple is releasing many “slow” versions of all operating systems except macOS

, in this case which ends up introducing the latter type. Apple is clear that users want to have new versions on their computers as soon as possible but in the case of macOS the firm does not speed up the launch anyway.

Back to tvOS and this new version was released a few hours ago, what we see in the notes notes a major overhaul of this version. We will not receive news in operation and there will be no visible changes to the interface connector of any kind. Looks like the second version of the new Apple TV OS focuses mainly on fixing system failures.

The new version will be automatically downloaded to all users but if you want to check for yourself the arrival of this update on your Apple TV you can access it directly from Apple TV Settings, Regular Updates and Software

. At this point you will be able to see the version you have installed and force it if you don’t have one.

It is advisable not to hesitate and install this new version as soon as possible on your Apple TV to avoid safety and stability issues.