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A really cool and really cool new app




For almost two decades I have been using smartphones and today I am still amazed at the number of people who use multiple weather systems on their mobile phones, who use one but always look for a better one.

Today I received a new weather app called Clyma Wheather, It represents a few things, though the main one is that it uses data from three different sources, the highest accuracy of other applications.

Accurate weather forecast

A really cool and really cool new app

The interface of the application is very simple, and at the very least we will have all the information we need. In addition, we will have a seven-day weather forecast, able to exchange information. For example, we can see temperatures, intensity of ultraviolet rays, rain …

Data comes from three sources: Dark Sky, OpenWeatherMap and Weatherbit.

Excellent design

Notable in this application is a clean and simple design, with very simple graphics and bright colors.

In addition, we have color sync themes, even though they are part of the payment functions of the app.

Free status app but also paid jobs

The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, but themes or Widgets are part of the paid version, which we can open by paying 2.69 euros.

This will also remove ads, which attract attention not because they are annoying or loud, but because they are compared to the good design of the app.




The app is still being upgraded to other functions, so the developer is often found with questions and doubts in the XDA-Developers thread.


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