Security is important in our day to day. The protection we place on our accounts and services is a sign that we care about our personal information. Also, as concerns grow, companies are providing more tools and research to develop more complex security principles. However, risk is found in systems from time to time. A few hours ago a security company ZecOps announced the availability of two new dangers in the iOS email app

allowing to launch attacks without having to open such emails back and forth. Apple has already tracked this vulnerability in the beta of iOS 13.4.5.

Renewal is as fundamental to avoiding risk as emails

The rate of attack is sending a specially designed email to the victim's mailbox that allows them to open a threat in the Windows MobileMail app environment on iOS 12 or maild on iOS 13.

Cybersecurity company ZecOps Research and Threat Intelligence has released two new dangers in the iOS email app by statement. In one of them, attackers can send an email directly to the victim's mailbox and work large lines of code remotely & # 39; infect & # 39; different devices. These documents generate an increase in RAM memory usage of these objects, preventing them from using RAM for processes that the user wants to use.

In addition, the presence of real multitasking on iPhones and iPads

this text may be valid unless the victim gets into the email in question. However, these emails are heavy and many email services do not drop at once at the time they are sent, so there is no indication that many users are affected. Although there is evidence that an employee from a large American company, some well-known European and Asian computer security companies have been affected by hackers using this vulnerability.

Apple has already shut down this vulnerability in the Mail app in beta for iOS 13.4.5. That is why we will be officially licensed and fix these two mistakes that can cost many a good head.