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"Credit promised"I thought. What I have long since proposed to check if they can work as a technology editor using only iPad Pro with the keyboard and mouse, and the advent of new models and the Magic keyboard made me realize that it was time to do some testing.

I sold my 2014 MacBook Pro 2015 iPad Pro with all its accessories and used that money to help with the purchase of its new 11-inch iPad Pro compatible with Magic Trackpad. I have been trying to work with him for several days, too I will count my conclusions.

My job as an editor in this house involves several tasks:

  • Write articles like this, obviously.
  • Meet regularly, collaborate and plan activities with colleagues, each working from home.
  • Publish content to social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Update communication and engine Trends regularly.
  • Touch script events and act accordingly.
  • Hold regular video conference meetings.

For Mac, all of this can be done with a browser (my favorite on macOS is Chrome) about 10-12 tabs. In addition, it's also easy to use Markdown editor (MacDown) and Native Client client, and I take advantage of the huge 27 "screen of my Mac since the end of 2012 to be able to see information on those applications and web-side pages. iMac with a larger screen without having to focus on people who want great performance.

The changes I made all week on the iPad brought me, as expected, very good feelings. The 11-inch model of the iPad Pro is very portable, allowing me to work well wherever I want. The weight of my back when I had to move, has also decreased significantly. And the comfort of the Magic keyboard are able to place and take the iPad to offer many different uses.

Changes I've noticed a lot: from Chrome tabs to iPadOS apps

For its part, iPadOS is compatible. Many of it can be improved to make it work better with a fingerprint scanner, but it's something I suspect we'll see in the following WWDC20. What's different is probably even more of a change since we rely on browser tabs at work to make requests: Web Tools that I can check often come from popups in Chrome tabs to different programs on iPadOS

. Apart from the other, this article has been written using IA Writer.

Result: I have to switch a lot between applications, which reduces me a bit. I've tried to pass through the same web pages for those applications (Gmail and Asana, for example), but iPadOS is very persistent that I switch to using programs and not web pages. I can issue those applications, but then the websites always show me the App Store link at the elevator bar so it can be installed again.

It is, somehow Apple will have to roll in the future. Either by upgrading many of iPadOS, or by optimizing Safari once by allowing web adoption and slightly higher overhead for that program. Fortunately, iPadOS has plenty of room for evolution from now on.

To publish content on social networks I also need a photo editor (Pixelmator) and a video, although I was able to say instead thanks to the need to save Keynote and its tool for extracting animated slides in video format. In this case the speed of operation is exactly as it makes the body live and the Keynote presentation is the same thing that can be done properly with iPadOS and using my fingers.

Something and I have noticed that it works on the iPad you focus more. On MacOS I have a large screen where I can check many things at once: email, Slack messages, social media tendencies … it works, but it lets you check it often when you probably don't need it and you keep some interruptions. You need more effort to switch between apps in iPadOS, we encouraged them to focus more and focus on the work being done. All of the articles I've written on the iPad, including this one, are pre-written rather than planned.

My conclusions on this change are clear: I have absolutely no regrets about setting up a laptop I don't think I'll ever deserve another one. The iPad, iPadOS and Magic Keyboard perfectly cover my needs, both work and leisure. I do not defend that to everyone, be clear: these are my conclusions always looking at my needs. Naturally, there will be people who need a MacBook in a way that fits perfectly.

I have colleagues who already rely solely on the iPad to work and no longer use the Mac at all. Will I be able to make this change once my late 2012 Mac fails (so the price for its repair is no longer reasonable) and I have to restart then?

Couldn't, but I don't like it.

Mac loses prominence, but has he been since my life


I will continue to write articles on my Mac for a number of reasons: I do my work faster (though I focus better on the iPad, I must admit), especially the mobile parts to communicate with the public and structure the topics. What I have on the wall is to see more content, and my body shape at work many hours a day It's healthy at my desk.

In addition, I should not completely lose macOS. I need to write tutorials on that method, and when training clients with the Mac I have to execute during all the Apple tasks you learn to learn and teach. I am quite clear that I am not going anywhere to take full advantage of Mac, but I will continue to be connected to it.

What will change is the way I buy it: up to now the Macs I bought are always optimized for power, with the intention that they will last longer. Now, make it clear that the iPad already covers all my needs and that macOS and I only need a browser at work, the most likely thing is that my next Mac will be a cheap, basic desktop model. Also, I'd love my iMac from late 2012 to take a while to be able to swap it one by one with an ARM processor. So far it seems to me that I will succeed.

In other words: I've always bought expensive and powerful Mac models as a hobby. Now I'm just going to be a mac Due to pure unemployment the need, so I will discuss its services and price. Money will not be invested in the iPads you want to buy from now on. And, of course, the future of macOS stories has already seemed to me as an anecdote, one of the most interesting things to me less iPadOS news can bring from now on. My interest becomes: what am I able to do with my iPad in the future?

And who knows: maybe in a few years the trend will be that iPad and external monitors will be available for purchase. But that depends on many more things, and we can only wait.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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