According to Tile, Apple's anti-competitive tactics have grown significantly 1

Every two timess Apple is in the open, and today it would be less. And it's because of anti-competitive policies: you make hardware, make software, and block everything you don't like … The Tile boys (those famous local machines) are also crying about Apple's policiesAnd that Apple hasn't officially launched any locator labels yet … After the jump we told you what to print from Tile on Reuters.

The Tile guys are definitely not happy with Apple, and there is little to no mention of the labels they may have introduced from Copertino and its performance could be very similar to that of Tile devices. However, the complaint comes as a resultProblems caused by changes in location settings that came after iOS 13which does not allow a permanent location unless the user uses it (Always allow Allow). And that this configuration should be at the request of the iPhone owner, something Tile doesn't like as many do not know how to do it and may lose the functionality of their Tile devices. But is that really Tile's concern? They are less concerned about Apple rumors and why are they complaining about Apple's anti-competitive policies?

What we know: Apple continues to think of appreciating its locator labels, labels we can use thanks to the "Search" app and will help us find any program we put in place. Obviously this is something Tile doesn't like as you can see, and depending on the sales model they decide from Copertino these are the best sellers. We'll see what happens, we're not going to take away the reason for Tile because they have it, but this is actually how the market works, and it's not the only Apple that uses these aggressive marketing policies. We will continue to inform you of any submissions from Comertino.