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Add up to six more connections to your iPad’s USB-C



Add up to six more connections to your iPad’s USB-C

With the iPad Pro, we may sometimes want to connect a variety of accessories according to our needs. He Epico's 6-in-1 hub It provides us with a unique and flexible solution that can help us wherever we take our Pro Pro. We have tried it in recent weeks and this has been our experience.

6-in-1 Hub for Epico's iPad Pro

Hub Epico 002

  • Addition type: adapter hub.
  • Connection value: 6, including x1 USB-C, x1 x x audio, x1 USB-A 3.0, x1 HDMI 2K, x1 SD and x1 micro-SD.
  • Port: USB-C.
  • Dimensions: 83 x 36 x 19mm.
  • Weight: 68 grams.
  • Compatibility: from iPad Pro 2018, 11 and 12.9 inches.
  • Compatible with offline keyboard and Smart keyboard (not Magical keyboard).
  • Color: gray space, silver.
  • Price: 79 euros in K-Tuin.

Up to 6 connections on one USB-C

Img 0925

Use Epico hub is straightforward. He pulls it out of the box, attaches the plug to the corner and attaches his cable only to it puerto USB-C del iPad Pro. Due to its 15cm length, you will only be able to connect it to one of the two lower corners of the iPad Pro. Once this is done, we will have the opportunity to use it.

The most exciting thing about this discovery is that we can connect different types of external memory. From traditional USB memory cards to SD or Micro-SD camera cards, via those that support USB-C. Once we have done this and if we have the iPadOS 13 (which should be there, because it has been available for about a year), we can use these memories by birth to IP Pro.

Once connected, we should open the file app and look up the name of the installed volume in the left-hand menu. If it is a standard memory card of the camera, it will certainly appear with the standard name as in the camera. Unfortunately, we can't rename you from iPad because iPadOS doesn't allow it (yet).

Hub Epico 005By continuing its features, some may miss the audio jack on IP Pro, which since 2018 has not had this connection. If you still have it
headphones or other accessories who use this connection, you can benefit. Epico also added a USB-C port so that there is no end to it on this device. In our experiment, it allows the iPad Pro to be charged simultaneously, even if we connect it to a Mac using a USB-C cable, it will give us a warning of incompatibility with other Thunderbolt devices.

Finally, we have an HDMI port that transfers video to 2K. You can use it to we watched the mirror on television here is the encounter. Its use is designed to play presentations, view images and movies, though DRM will depend on the latter.

Fabric compatible for iPad Pro without Magic Keyboard

Img 0653

A few weeks ago, we were exploring the magic Pro iPad keyboard. Through this hub we could not do it not in the corner of the device because the keyboard has added a large size.

The “clip” that allows it to be cornered for IP Pro without any other kind of cover or accessory make it soft, although Epico added some flexibility. Inside the workshop we find a tip that is constantly adjusted by the drawer but can be split to give more space.

Hub Epico 006Flap that allows you to attach a hub to Pro Pro with Smart Keyboard or a case of similar durability.

So we can use Epico's harp together with Smart Keyboard in any case do not exceed the same size. The Magic Keyboard is much larger than this one, so it won't be able to get into that corner while we use it. One more thing is clear: if we usually use an iPad Pro with this keyboard, it is enough to leave it connected via USB-C and without installing it.

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