After the last update we can now use the HomePod Mini connected to an external battery 1

2020 despite everything has been a great year for Apple, but 2021 should be even better. One of the devices we saw this year was the new HomePod Mini, one of the most interesting and affordable devices to enter the Apple ecosystem. And it looks like Apple is very interested in the HomePod Mini, and we’re filling the house with it … Now we just found out that After the last software update we can now use the HomePod Mini with 18W chargers and external batteries

. Keep reading as we give you all the details of this update.

It must be remembered that until now Apple only allowed us to use the 20W charger that included the HomePod Mini, if you had an 18W charger like the one that came with the iPhone 11 Pro, remember that the HomePod Mini has USB -C cable, we couldn’t use it with our new speaker. Now, After the HomePod Mini 14.3 update, we can now use an 18W charger, not all but the vast majority …

Several users reported that Apple’s 18W chargers work with the HomePod Mini, Aukey chargers, and even external batteries, or power banks, of the Cygnett brand (probably also from other brands), something very interesting because it will allow us to use the HomePod Mini in places where we do not have electrical outlets.

How to verify that you are using version 14.3 on your HomePod Mini? Simply open the Home app, click on the house icon in the upper left corner, on home settings and click on Software Update. You can check the version of your HomePod and if needed you can update it from there. Then you can go and test the different chargers you have at home, like this one you can use the 20W of the HomePod Mini for your new iPhone 12 for example, or even take it to the patio with an external battery. And you, have you ever tried the new HomePod Mini with an external battery? We read you in the comments!