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AirPods Studio will automatically detect your head, ears and much more



AirPods Studio

For weeks we have been talking about new wireless headsets from Apple that will complete the company's range of AirPods. This new version of AirPods will feature the same headband, and is probably based on Beats Studio. the total will start from 349 euros according to key sources.

However, these new AirPods Pro will incorporate as much technology as you can 9to5mac. One of the essentials of AirPods is to get a replacement, they automatically stop playing when you remove one of the headphones. Apparently AirPods Studio will have the same function, but will work in some way. Apple is working to incorporate sensors that can detect when headphones are placed on your head or neck.

AirPods Studio is much closer than it looks

Obviously, these detection sensors will help music plays automatically when you connect with AirPods Studio in your head, and they will stay afloat and be paused when we put them on the neck. But these senses can do much more.

AirPods Studio

Has it never occurred to you that in this type of headphones you do not know which side is right or left? The AirPods Studio will be able to see where it is in your ear

and they will automatically change the sound. For current headphones with left and right channels, the new AirPods will be able to replace them.

Like AirPods Pro, it's new AirPods Studio will have active cancellation mode and display mode. We can easily switch between modes to reduce external noise or listen to different audio in the same way as the current AirPods Pro. In addition, because it is a device designed for professional and in-demand users, AirPods Studio will have an equally custom configuration, so that each user can adapt to their preferences or needs.

As we see details about these AirPods Studio programs are starting to emerge, that is its introduction may be much closer than it seemed. We do not know if WWDC 2020 will be the category that Apple has chosen to present, or we will have to wait until the end of the year to meet them.

beating apples to airpods

It may interest you | Apple & # 39; s & # 39; AirPods Studio & # 39; or headbands would have touch controls

In addition to this information, We know that AirPods Studio will come with at least 2 different types of materials, some leather and some light for searchers. In addition Apple operates "interchangeable magnetic parts", which can offer these new AirPod capabilities and customization opportunities.

The popularity of AirPods has grown dramatically since its launch over the last 3 years and it makes sense that Apple wants to take advantage and introduce different models of AirPods for each type of user, The AirPods Studio will be designed for those who need the best sound, so it's not compatible with other models and AirPods designed for other situations. Its price looks like $ 349 according to the leak and will arrive in 2020.

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