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"AirPower is not dead", new rumors about Apple's wireless charger





At the launch of the iPhone X, back in 2017, Apple showed a a wireless charging base called AirPower. This base had unique features as it could not only charge up to 3 devices at a time, it could do it without the capacity you set.

However, after a delay of about a year and a half Apple decided to cancel the project because it didn't "Top Rates" the company. It's not uncommon in Apple's modern history to leave behind a project that has already been launched, but that's what happened with this charging base.

When it was canceled, we all thought it was possible to see Apple's wireless charger complete, however the last-minute rumors stir up the news. A few months ago Ming-Chi Kuo had already warned that Apple was using a wireless charger, now another rumor has emerged.


"AirPower is not dead"

According to Jon Prosser, Apple engineers are trying to recycle charging coal to use heat effectively, and reported that Prototyping is already underway. This is one of the main reasons for its cancellation, according to rumors.

Prosser doesn't have a significant record of Apple's leaks, however shared Google's direct rewards in the pastYou still have to wait to see if it is verified, though it makes sense.

Apple is increasingly betting on wireless charging and it is expected that by 2021 the company will introduce the iPhone without a defined communication space. This means it could only be charged wirelessly and that we'll need an Apple wireless charger. So, if this is the future, it is normal for us to see this charging before this iPhone.

Of course, all these rumors talk about Apple's wireless charging base, but that's about it does not mean that it is technologically equivalent to the basis of AirPower. It can simply be a charging base for a single device, so it can be small and similar to the ones found in other Apple Stores manufacturers.

Previous rumors about this "small wireless charging base" came to us from Ming-Chi Kuo and confirmed that we should see it in the first half of 2020. Apple has already introduced the new Apple Pro and MacBook Air last week, too The iPhone 9 is expected to dropSo this wireless foundation could come soon if the rumors are confirmed.


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