AirTags are no longer a secret, Nomad is preparing its accessories 1

We’ve been talking for a long, long time AirTag, this GPS search device that the Cupertino company wants to revolutionize, we imagine that to offer at the same time a good range of automations with HomeKit and everything you can think of, especially as NFC tags are more and more popular.

Nomad is not hiding and has unveiled a series of accessories for the AirTag that reveals its imminent arrival.

This brand, as you know from some of our reviews, is one of the most prestigious in terms of accessories for Apple products.

Despite the fact that they have already erased all their traces, the “leaker” Evan Blass posted on his Twitter two photos of Nomad accessories that will be launched with the new AirTag. We start with a leather key ring in which we will insert the AirTag and which will allow us to easily locate our keys, in leather and microfiber.

We already know that Nomad makes some good leather products, so this keychain is probably a bestseller or at least intended to directly compete with the ones the Cupertino company is launching, which probably won’t be cheap at all.

The other one I don’t quite understand is a cord for glasses which theoretically has a hook for the AirTag. The new locator from the Cupertino company has to weigh very little so that it doesn’t get boring to wear it hanging from the glasses continuously, or I’m not sure exactly how it’s used, nothing more. The fact is that these new products are in the future catalog of Nomad for this year 2021,

So it’s only a matter of time before Apple makes an announcement of this particular device, will it really be as innovative as it looks?