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All rumors of iOS 14 were “confirmed” within two weeks of its launch



All rumors of iOS 14 were “confirmed” within two weeks of its launch

Can you hear the sentiments of Apple's new launch? Indeed, it is also just two weeks before the writing of WWDC 2020. On the bad news of not being able to host a face-to-face event, an opportunity has arisen to create a global conference point that we can all reach from our homes.

And as you can guess, among the most anticipated news for that next event is iOS 14, the next kind of Apple mobile app. The renewal that will be released after overcoming the major changes made by the epidemic of Apple's operations, and how it will not be affected, it can be one of the most important emergencies in the history of iOS. Or at least, that's what the rumors suggest.

In the past we have been told that this version was dominated by the intense ripening that led to the crystallization of one of the first combinations of the program it will eventually fall into the hands of certain members of the public and the media. From those leaks, other functions that will come with the new version have been discovered. Or at least, the ones that were to come at that time, because the merger started in December and may have important changes.

What's New in SpringBoard: List views, widgets, and Wallpaper changes

The most visible news of the new version will be available in the main iOS menu. As with watOS, we will have the option to choose between seeing app icons as before, or in the form of a list. In the context of this last option, we may apply different filters, depending on terms such as unread notifications, or Siri suggestions for installed applications. And this would not be the only new thing.

One of the new guarantees is an improvement in the management of wallpapers, which will then be collected in collections. And finally, we'll have some really exciting news, at least when the new genre finally comes up: Powerful icons on the home screen. According to the mature version code of iOS, Apple has been working on widgets that can serve as part of the installation menu itself, with the ability to edit them freely.

One step in augmented reality

As we've seen in recent months, especially with the launch of the new Apple Pro, Apple is preparing to make significant progress with regard to the fact used. In the meantime, they would be developing a new app with the code name “Gobi”, which would act as a viewer. Thanks to this app, we can interact with different real-world objects

, something to be tested on the Apple Store and Starbucks.

In addition, this new app would not only be limited to use cases thought by Apple, but developers they can start developing their partnerships with ARKit. This could go a long way in creating Apple's virtual reality glasses, which seem to be getting closer as well.

HomeKit is a very smart home

The Home app, along with the HomeKit tools, will undergo certain changes such as the possibility of setting up compatible lights to change the temperature of the day. The upgrade will also be applied to Secure HomeKit Video, the HomeKit compatible camera recording management system, from now on would allow face recognition, the ability to customize notifications depending on the individual subscriber.

CarKey, car keys, is now on the iPhone

With the release of the last update for iOS 13.4, we got the launch of a new API known as CarKey. Because of this, compatible car users can use their iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock their cars without having to carry the key, the same way we pay with Apple Pay. This functionality will first be available through iOS 14, which will not only allow us to install “buttons” on our cars, but also invite other users with temporary buttons.

Clips, or Apple's fastest apps

Apparently, Apple developed a program similar to the fastest Android apps with the code name “Clips”. This API, which should not be confused with an anonymous video editing app, would work for users test specific applications functions without installing them. So, we can check that the app does exactly what we want with its signal, without spending money, unless we eventually want to buy it.

A redesigned iCloud Keychain for those who don't want a different password manager

If you do not already have a password manager installed on your iPhone, Apple will offer you an attractive alternative with iCloud Keychain. Although the project has been around for a few years, it will now be inclusive support for a 2-step verification program and password checking function. In light of the latter, we will know whether the key we will use has already been used on other sites registered on the same keychain.

A new version of Safari with a great combination of Apple Pencils and automatic rendering

As part of the new update, the iOS and iPadOS browser will get as many new features as possible automatically translate the pages we visit with local functionality, without the need to rely on third-party applications. In addition, in the case of iPads compatible with Apple Pencil, it will also allow communication and installation of web pages in a more accurate way, much like annotations from Safari itself.

New keyboard shortcuts for light control

Despite the fact that Apple didn't integrate the line provided by the multimedia function keys and quick settings on the new Magic keyboard, the iPadOS 14 can also bring some shortcuts designed to control keyboard and screen brightness quickly and easily. , everything without converting to the Control Center. In fact, these instructions are already being tested in the latest iOS beta inside.

Multiple search app updates

Last year, Apple launched the Search app to integrate Find My iPhone and Find My Friends, its two local services. Now, those in Copertino will be planning to introduce a performance-focused update new virtual reality mode, which will use the U1 chip to find nearby devices; and personalized notifications, which we can control if your authorized contacts are in a designated area at a specific time.

A new way to update the system

As mentioned a few months ago, it seems like Apple is working on a new way to recover iOS it won't depend on PC or Mac. The program, which could have been thought of with the iPhone 13 without Lightning port in mind, would be similar to the one already in macOS, which only requires an Internet connection to install the program cleanly.

Another expected development and compliance

In addition to all these changes and new features, iOS 14 will bring compatibility with Apple's new devices. such as the next AirPods Studio, whose presentation is expected at the next WWDC. And he won't forget others yet to be announced, such as the new AirTags or Apple TV.

As for compatible devices, all those already installed iOS 13 should be able to update to the new version. Of course, in the case of iPadOS there could be a few exceptions, from Apple You can leave the iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2 behind after six years of official funding, though we will have to wait until June 22 to confirm it. It will be only then, and only then, where we can detail the ins and outs of the new version of iOS and IPOS.

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