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New moon begins, and as usual, Netflix prepares to accept a large number of premieres of new series and movies that will come on the platform in the next few days. And in this case the premiers are much more anticipated than ever, as a large part of the world has found Netflix one of the best entertainment channels during the compulsory period that millions of people worldwide face because of the coronavirus epidemic.

Next April, we look forward to the arrival of the most important news the fourth season of La Casa de Papel. Most people are looking forward to the arrival the most popular titles are Studio Ghibli, along with many other series, films and books of all kinds, which will be added to the platform over the next few days.

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Netflix News for the month of April: best series and movies

Before going fully to watch the Netflix news of April, it is important to remember that, during this time of crisis caused by the coronavirus epidemic, Netflix has decided to reduce the quality limit of its content in other regions of the world

thus reducing bandwidth and maintaining Internet performance by removing part of the load that goes into the servers of Internet service providers.

That is why, if within the next few days you should notify that Your favorite series and movies are being reproduced in the highest quality, you shouldn't worry too much: soon, everything will be back to normal.

And we must not forget that, in this case, Netflix will have to deal with Disney +, finally arriving in Spain with its huge catalog of series and movies.

April 1st

  • Crucifixion! – Season 4
  • How To Fix A Drug
  • Sunderland Til I die & # 39; – Season 2
  • Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show
  • A play by Molly
  • Community: Complete series
  • The simplicity of Kim – Season 4
  • Pompoko & # 39;
  • The ears of the heart
  • Howl & # 39; s Moving castle
  • The Secret of the Little Mermaid
  • Poppy Hill
  • The wind is rising
  • In Marnie's memory

April 2

  • Violet Evergarden: Forever with the Auto Memory Doll

April 3

  • Coffee with Kareem
  • Page House – Season 4
  • Page House – Surprise

April 6

April 9

  • Hi Girl Score – Season 2

April 10

  • Tigertail
  • Brews brothers
  • Repeated Marriage Love
  • Main Event

April 14

April 15

  • Innocent Files
  • Foreign Banks

April 17

  • Sergio
  • The earth and blood
  • It's too hot to Manage
  • #BlackAF

April 20

  • The Gospel of the Night
  • Secret ingredient: Cannabis

April 21st

April 22

  • The Willoughbys
  • The Unspeakable Planet

April 23

  • House of Flowers – Season 3

April 24

  • After Life: Beyond My Woman – Season 2
  • Domain

April 26

  • The final rule – Season 4

April 27

April 29

  • Three meters above the sky
  • Nadiya's Eata Time

April 30

  • Game of Victims
  • False False
  • Pulling Fragons

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