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All the mistakes we make when cleaning a cell phone




4 helpful tips for cleaning your phone successfully

A global epidemic like COVID-19 or Coronavirus has had to realize the importance of cleanliness on our mobile device. As we've said more than once, our smartphones can be carriers of many viruses, remember that we often leave them in many places like tables or even toilets – that's why the seriousness of taking it to your mouth-, so it is very important to try to stay clean and free of germs.

Not only these days because we are currently under the coronavirus problem, but always. Products like Apple have released these days a little "tutorial" to teach you how to distribute their products, it applies to any technology tool. However, how important the simple task is, we are doing it wrong. Or so experts say.

You clean your technological equipment

How to clean and disassemble your mobile phone

Cleaning an electrical device like a cellphone should not be too difficult. Use the right product, wipe, try to avoid fluid access such as speakers or headphone jack … yet it looks like we're not going well, as confirmed by some experts in the field.

For example, Dr. Kelly Reynolds of the University of Arizona College of Public Health warns of the danger of leaving the phone in places such as baths, buses, coffee shops … and that's why we should never wash our hands, and our mobile device. Another expert such as Dr. Jonathan Golob, professor of infectious diseases and Doctor, emphasizes that we don't need to wash our hands if we can touch our phone without putting the virus in the foreground. The truth is that they are right


Although the purity of each phone varies depending on model and type, as a general rule they all share the same guidelines. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you must first remove the center housing and remove any cables from the device. Then take a clean, non-light cloth and rub it with soap or virus spray. In any case, they always recommend looking at the manufacturer's website, because depending on the subject you will need to use one product or another. For example, Samsung does not recommend soap use but Google does recommend it.

Now, in addition to all these tips, users continue to consume many errors between which of the following is highlighted from Engadget medium:

  • Be careful in places like 3.5 jack port or speakers
  • Do not use products such as window cleaners, ammonia or other products containing hydrogen peroxide and abrasives
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not soak electrical products in cleaning products
  • Be careful not to do excessive cleaning that could damage the app
  • Always check the manufacturer's website and follow the cleaning tips for a specific product

Of course this is not the only mistake we make according to experts. For example, to ensure the cleanliness of our device we must also avoid other people touching it, always using it with clean hands, not using it while eating and of course everything we do, do not use it while we are in the bathroom. You know, cleanliness is more and more important these days.

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