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All we know about the future is AirPods Studio




Rumors of the new AirPods Studio, Apple's future headphones, are richer than ever: details, features and design. Let's make a compilation of everything we know so far.

Design and Name


We're talking about that Apple has been preparing Beats headphones since 2018. In recent months, rumors have been gathering smoke and we now hope that this new product, which appears to be called AirPods Studio, will arrive this year. After seeing the power that AirPods and AirPods Pro have in terms of sales and customer satisfaction, it is clear that Apple intends to name these new heads as AirPods Studio.

By adding this new material the family will have completed: AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Studio. Rumors have also been showing about the demise of the beats industry after the introduction of these new heads.

With the product design, apart from the hope that they look like the existing Beats, we know little. From what we know, it turns out that, through a magnetic system, others the parts of the head will be changed. Because of this, we can alternate between premium finishes with good seasonal fabrics and a strong and light sport finish.


Apple Airpods Pro

Jobs that Apple will equip these new headlines, to our knowledge, nothing short of amazing

. It is clear that since the launch of HomePod Apple has greatly improved its experience in the sound field, products such as the MacBook Pro 16 "or AirPods Pro are proof of this. .

Active noise cancellation

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, new heads will be had Active noise cancellation. The feature is currently reserved for Beats Studio 3, Beats Solo Pro, and AirPods Pro.

Thanks to these technologies the headset is able to analyze the edited sound and improve the values ​​required for the music you play, in real time. In addition, they have an internal microphone, between them and our ear, to make sure that the adjustments they use are effective and can vary if necessary.

Of course these headphones will have them display mode, we can feel our surroundings while listening to music.

Sound quality and fit

The sound quality of these heads is expected the highest in AirPods, AirPods Pro and Beats. However, those rumors do not provide further details.

In terms of equilibrium, these new heads will allow us to convert different reproductive rates. This adjustment will be made directly to the Mac, iPhone or iPad where headphones are connected and will provide us. low, medium, and high equilibrium.

Position and position detection

AirPods and AirPods Pro have made us get used to the simple act of removing the headset from playing and resume playing when we turn it back on. In a sense, the future AirPods Studio will give you the same experience. New headphones will be able see when we wear them on our heads or at the neck do accordingly.

In addition, these AirPods will carry a sensor where they will be able to locate our ears and distinguish right from the channel line to the right lane. With this great solution we will never put our headphones inside again.

Price and availability


According to various sources, the starting price is new AirPods Studio will be $ 349, the same price as the current Beats Studio. As for the release date, though all rumors suggest it will happen this year, they leave a precise date with no specifics.

So far we have seen the launch of several products through the press release, if Apple planned to launch then we can do little to guess its date. However, if as a new product we expect a presentation of section, we can consider the next WWDC on June 22 or the September / October event with the iPhone.

In the meantime, like all rumors, we will take the details with some caution. While we wait for the arrival of these new heads, whether at the WWDC, in a fall event or in the press release, we will have one thing in common: we will see the best guards.


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