Amazon Music follows in Apple's footsteps and offers its HD version at no additional cost 1

They had talked about it and finally Apple Music made that happen, Apple’s new high-definition music streaming service is now a reality. A Hi-Fi music service, which even activates Dolby Atmos Audio and which we can enjoy for free next month. A high definition which is not new, Amazon already offered it in its streaming music service if we paid extra, but after Apple’s announcement the boys of Amazon has decided to offer its high-definition streaming music service for free

. Keep reading as we tell you all the details …

After years of charging around $ 5 extras to offer us a high definition music service, Amazon is backing down after the launch of Apple Music Hi-Fi and now we can enjoy free high definition music service we have the music plan we have. An announcement they made ahead of Apple Music Hi-Fi’s launch that would take some time off the guys at the retail giant’s agenda. They waited but surely Amazon was aware of this possibility since Dolby, for example, is a partner of the two companies

on streaming music services.

The quality of the new Apple Music Hi-Fi, or Dolby, or without compressed audio, is probably similar to what we have in services like Amazon Music HD, Tidal, or any similar music streaming service. This is an announced change that Apple will probably announce with great fanfare at the next Keynote.

, but as we’ve mentioned on previous occasions, it’s still a marketing strategy to get more subscribers. On the Dolby Atmos website, we can see how Amazon Music HD and Tidal have so far promoted services that include Dolby Atmos. Now that Amazon Music stops charging the extra for HD, the market is back to where it was. The key question is: what will Spotify do?