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Android 11 will make it harder to use third-party touch apps



Android 11 will make it harder to use third-party touch apps

Various beta for Android 11 have been released in Spain these months have allowed us to see the news that will come up in the program. In addition, in recent weeks we have been able to learn about other issues that will be officially approved, such as restrictions on the choice of camera, a decision that continues to generate Google criticism. Something that might happen again.

Since Google's new decision affects roaming by tapping on operating system. On Android 11, life will be a complex application for third-party mobile applications, as the Overscan API will be removed, which allows third-party applications to use these physical ones.

Android 11 changes touch navigation

Android 11 will make it harder to use third-party touch apps

Overscan (overscan) is a feature on television that allows you to expand the screen borders so that the image fits perfectly on the screen. Many developers have also used the Overscan API on phones, which allows parts of the user's display to be removed from the screen. They even agreed to jobs how to hide travel bar

no need for roots.

Although the arrival of Android 11 introduces changes to this. As Google makes it legal for Overscan to be removed, which prevents developers from using their own navigation systems. Google says it was removed because it was no longer used for any product. Although they affect third-party applications in this way.

Google's decision indicates that third-party touch apps they will not be able to hide the navigation bar as before, but you will need to disconnect the phone. The problem is that these are not the only devices that use Overscan, as there are other applications such as SecondScreen, which we have been talking about for years, that allow you to control display options when content is exported to an external screen. And these programs are affected by this Google decision for Android 11.

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