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Android Performance Tuner and Android GPU Explorer, including




Unlike Google Cloud Next and Google I / O 2020, the events that the company has decided to cancel due to the coronavirus, the Google Developers Conference for Developers improved significantly in terms of organization, so Google has decided to share its new release online developer.

According to a technology official, with more than 2,500 million active devices, Android has become the largest platform for game developersSo Google is now proposing new tools and services to help them "increase the reach of their games and manage the differentiation of the Android ecosystem." Of course, in almost all new tools, it will be necessary to request a developer preview before testing them.

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Android Gpu tester

Among the new features introduced by Google, we find out from tools to make and execute games for Android, in a separate development on Google Play to provide more details on game performance.

  • Android studio profiles: Google has updated the Android Studio System Trace profile so that developers can see how their code works. The power of native memory notation allows you to see how the game allocates memory and detect potential leaks, but requires Studio 4.1 Canary software to use it.

  • Android GPU Inspector– View detailed information about game rendering stages and GPU calculation methods. In this way, graphic developers can make it better to achieve better prices and extend battery life. Made in partnership with Qualcomm and part of the Snapdragon Elite Gaming experience.

Developers of specific games can suggest improvements to the Adreno graphics development controller, which will be available on Google Play, so that we can update the Adreno GPU driver as if it were an application. The update GPU drivers will first be available for the Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL, Galaxy Note 10, and Galaxy S10.

Android Game Development Extension
  • Extension for Android Game Developer for Visual Studio: This extension makes it possible to add support for Android cross-platform games, so that we can generate an APK, run it on Android devices or emulator, and optimize the Android game.

  • Google Asset Delivery (Google Play Legacy Delivery) – A new set of features that provides powerful, free delivery of the right game assets to the right devices at the right time. This new dynamic game delivery system should help players get into the game faster while games load, while also reducing maintenance costs and service delivery costs.

  • Android Vitals Native Crash Symbolication Icon (Native Vitals lock symbols for Android): It is possible to remove native keys with the support of native symbols in the Play Console and upload traditional native symbols to gain benefits from Android Vitamin.

Vitamins for Android
  • Prospects for Vitamin Performance for Android with Tunction for Android Performance: The developer will be able to increase the frame rate and average game reliability on most devices with a new working look on Android's Vitamin, but it is necessary to integrate the new Android Toolbar into the game.

In addition, Google's Firebase has launched Cloud Firestore in open alpha, which means that any game developer can try it, even though it's still difficult. Cloud Firestore is Google's next-generation NoSQL data and is used, for example, to save your users' game status to the cloud, maintaining multi-player game status to see various challenges and deliver daily or user-generated content to millions of customers.

Cloud Firestore

Finally, the Google Analytics team has created new reports for game developers dashboards that focus on acquisition, retention, participation and monetization user. Original buyers, User Engagement (on match days), and DAU / MAU styles can also be viewed. To do this, simply link the Firebase project to a Google Analytics account.

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