The latest iOS 13.4 betas has set off alarms for other developers. In one of its hidden parts you may be able to see that you are using a card stored in Wallet that you may have unlocked the trunk, doors or even start BMW i8 provided. This made us think about that Apple and BMW are collaborating to provide users with a new function called CarKey. The iOS 14 mature source code still points to that nation and may have something to do with this feature and integration of Ultra wide band

on large apple storage devices.

Will we see CarKey's work appear in iOS 14 in the hands of BMW and Apple?

In 2017 the Car Connecaction Consortium (CCC) He has published an article outlining a solution where the use of smart devices can be the new keys to cars. Major companies such as Hyundai, Audi, BMW, Sasmsung, Volkswagen, LG Electronics or Apple are available in the Consortium. The Consortium was born to offer better and new jobs, join forces, develop user knowledge of new technologies and vehicles.

Since then the idea of get to open and start the car with your phone It continued to wander aimlessly despite the fact that last year there were a lot of questions focused on this aspect, especially at two companies: BMW and Apple.

Why? Because in 2018 the active participation in an article-related project released in 2017 by the CCC is made public. Alarms went off when indicators were found in iOS 13.4 of this function that can be called CarKey.

The iPhone 11 Pro is the first Ultra-wideband smartphone for localization. Apple's new chip U1 uses this technology to correctly detect other Apple devices that also have a U1 chip. It's like installing another sensor on the iPhone that allows for many new interactions.

If we remember, the iPhone 11 Pro was the first tool to use Ultra wide band combined with chip U1. The band allows for interoperability of devices without communication, which can be the basis of this CarKey release from iOS 14. Additionally, BMW's internal sources ensure that this technology will allow protecting our vehicle from theft and enhancing the precision between devices. by fire. But the tool itself, you can create digital keys which can be added to Wallet and can also be transferred between different users. These keys can have various privileges from unlocking the trunk to starting the car.