Johnson and Johnson

Health has become Apple's top priority. And it seems very effective. We are now attending a new study conducted by the company to see how their devices can help people's lives.

The start of a new American study by Apple in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson on how the Apple Watch and iPhone can help gather the most important research data and prevention of rheumatoid arthritis has emerged today

such as a stroke. Bravo for the two companies.

Apple and John Johnson and Johnson today announced the start of a a new study called "Heartline Study" which aims to gather more information about atric fibrillation and the like with Apple devices: IPhone and Apple Watch.

This study is based on an app for such devices will read the follow-up heart data collected to see if they can add warnings to vascular problems such as stroke.

It will be based on the collection of data from users over 65 years. Apple and John Johnson and John Johnson want to study the data collected by the Apple Watch, to see if such information can help reduce the risk of stroke. thanks to early detection of atrial fibrillation, thanks to an Apple Watch ECG.

The main problem with atrial fibrillation is that it has no obvious symptoms when it suffers, so it is very difficult to diagnose. Thanks to the Apple Watch, you can notify a user who has At Atical fibrillation problem even if one does not notice it.

Persons wishing to participate in the study must be 65 years of age or older and be US citizens. They should have a traditional Medicare, have an iPhone 6s or later and agree to provide their health information to the study. After the selection process, two groups will be created: one group will use one app on their mobile phone, and participants from the other group will be provided with Apple Watch for data collection. The study will last for three years.