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Apple Announces The Biggest Update Of Importance Since Logic Pro X Released




Apple has just announced a new version of its popular music app: Logic Pro X 10.5. In this version we find improvements in Live Loops, a new sampling technique and new tools for making foundations.

According to Susan Prescott, vice president of Apple App Product Marketing:

Logic Pro X 10.5 is the biggest update of Logic since the introduction of Logic Pro X and features powerful tools that will inspire all artists, whether they take their first steps with Logic or use them to produce winning albums. Grammy Awards. We look forward to knowing your next creation.

Live Loops, Sampler, Foundations and More Stories


Thanks to Live Loops we can do it create and edit traps, samples and recordings which we can organize into the new grid and which we can use to add various editing suggestions to the timeline. In addition, we can use Remix FM, a set of electronic effects that we can play in real time on individual tracks or completely mix.

With the new generation of Sampler, the popular plug, we're seeing a more refined design and more controls where we can emulate sound, all using drag and drop to perform more complex tasks. Quick Sampler allows us convert sounds into metal

in a simple way. A solution that might produce some gaps or play with an external keyboard.


In 10.5 Logic we are given a new one a collection of tools for making foundations, basic with various styles of electronic music.

  • Step Sequencer is a new arranger of drums and bass bass, the basic motivational interface allows us to create a style of music based on patterns. All combined with advanced editing options to control the speed of notes, duplication, gate, skipping, steering, and randomness.

  • Drum Synth It brings us an extensive collection of bass drums, flute drums, timpani and percussion sounds all produced by a computer. Because of this generation we can directly control various parameters to adapt them as we please. After that we can apply them to the Drum Machine Designer pad.

  • Drum Machine Designer, a tool where we can build drum strings. In this version it is integrated with new sampling procedures and systems. Also, the recently discussed Quick Sampler and Drum Synth plug-ins can be used on drum pumps to organize and amplify sounds inside a drum kit. After that we can use them to play in real time or organize them with Step Sequencer.


In addition to the exciting news we just saw, with this version we can use our iPhone or iPad to control the unique features of Logic with physical touch. For example, we can now Activate sounds in Live Loops, add loops or use effects Eagle FM during the meeting.

This review brings it again better performance reducing the overall power on our Mac and debugging.

Logic Pro X 10.5 is available today as a free update for existing users and for € 229.99 in the Mac App Store for new customers. Starting today, Logic Remote 1.4 can also be downloaded for free from the App Store. Remember, too, that Apple is now offering a free 90-day Logic Pro trial, which we can sign up for on their website.


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