It seems that what started as a rumor is quickly becoming a reality. Introduction of Apple CarKey It could be one of the new features that can come with the new version of iOS and that recently NFC-based Digital Key Release 2.0 is already in effect. Digital Key specifications are based on Bluetooth LE and together with Ultra Wideband are the key components of this program to work. At this point and we simply keep the iPhone in the pocket, pants, bag, etc., we will be able to reach and start the car directly.

Through this Digital Key Release 2.0 users can also share their "digital keys" with other users and this way will work to access home, office or the like. There are many advantages this feature can incorporate if available. Even if a user has their iPhone without battery it will still be able to access the car thanks to a storage capacity

that will allow you to use this Apple CarKey.

In short, you should see each and every detail of this new system we may have on our iPhones soon, and that is that WWDC is not that far off and it is thought that it will soon begin to be distributed among developers to try this protocol, then it may be easier to use , but in this case you should wait for more details. We’re not saying that this year may already be there, but it all adds a whole new dimension Digital Key Release

just one more step towards your arrival.