liquid refrigeration

It makes sense to think that the iPhone could sometimes carry liquid cooling inside and more, given that it is an environmentally friendly, economical, and efficient option for cooling any equipment. This type of cooling is commonly used in various computers, especially computers, but in a few smartphones. Liquid cooling has been around for many years in the electronics world

but little on mobile devices due to their small size.

Now TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo insists that Apple could test this type of liquid cooling or with vapor chambers for iPhone in a more insistent manner. It could definitely be a good option to keep the iPhone at a much lower temperature and prevent overheating.

Steam chamber

IPhones are getting more and more powerful and the logical addition of this type of cooling could be a big help to avoid it. We all know high temperatures are the worst thing that can happen to an electronic device, so this could be a solution. In principle, it is not clear if the system would be ready by 2021 and that is that the vapor chamber systems have been tested for some time, but they did not meet the company’s quality standards.

We will see if by 2022 we have any of these cooling systems in the iPhone, as the news shared in AppleInsider indicates that the tests are continuing and Apple insists on bringing this option to their devices, we will see when. they can do it.