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Cupertino's company has set a clear example with AirPods, although there is a lot of "laughs" some media have tried to get with headphones, criticism and such as softening, the fact that they have become a reference for Real, many AirPods copies are sold over TWS headphones for many products suitable. Either way, Apple has found a significant line in this True Wireless headsets and aims to reach 100 million units sold by 2020,

Do you think you can achieve this level of madness?

While it's true, Apple doesn't just own AirPods in True Wireless format, Cupertino's company also owns Beats and there have been other TWS heads in that company's market that Apple counts as successful. However, the obvious fact that AirPods, in any of its variants, is a product of Flagship,

and Beats is clearly a niche product. During the last quarter of 2019 the product's market grew 53% compared to the same period last year, generating $ 6,600 in profit, of which 62% went directly to Apple, selling 41% to 51 million.

In the TWS headsets market for over $ 100, Apple won, while under $ 100 the market is widely distributed according to Separator According to this prediction, Cupertino's company expects to reach 100 million AirPods (TWS in general) by 2020, although this will obviously depend on many factors, such as the potential renewal of current V2 AirPods on the market, or a change in their price, which seems unlikely.