COVID-19 not only affects how people communicate. It also affects our health, the economy of our countries, and in recent times, the way citizens live because of the huge decisions made by countries around the world. The the closure of many movies in the United States led Apple to postponed the first PRIMI of its text & # 39; Beastie Boys Story & # 39; until further notice. Its launch at the IMAX theaters will be on April 3. Whatever the cancellation, the launch on Apple TV + lasts until April 24.

Beastie Boy's story, canceled by coronavirus

The decision was made in cooperation between Apple, which produced the film, and IMAX, which provided support regarding its release nationally. However, the previously reported coronavirus COVID-19 has changed everything. The closure of a large part of American cinema has been the reason for it Apple decides to cancel the premiere scheduled for April 3 of its documentary & # 39; Beastie Boys Story & # 39;

So important to our social life and to the workforce, as well as to their families and communities. Given the COVID-19 epidemic and the shutdown of theaters nationwide, we decided to postpone the release of the & # 39; Beastie Boys Story & # 39; of a later date, which will be announced very soon.

From IMAX ensures that all those who have ever bought a ticket at any time, the money will be returned

communication with the cinema in question. In addition to official compliments, Apple maintains Prime Minister on Apple TV + April 24. So if the situation has not improved until that day, IMAX will not be able to make the official premium.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Bestie Boys Story it is a book directed by Spike Jonze that tells the story of this legendary band. Based largely on a book of the same name that was published in October 2018. In this film we will see how many friends like Diamond and Horovitz reflect on their friendship and how they reach the climax.