New workouts in Apple Fitness +

The Apple Watch has ceased to be a simple gadget within the Apple collection to be placed as a device that improves the quality of life of people. In addition, with the launch of the virtual gym in the Big Apple Apple Fitness +, users residing in countries where they are already available can participate in workouts for different sports, intensities and rhythms associated with our level of fitness. A few hours ago they announced new workouts for pregnant women and the elderly.

A nice gesture from those in Cupertino to try to cover all the needs of potential users of the virtual gym which also adds new workouts for different sports and new personal trainers with whom to train.

Workouts for the elderly and pregnant women, the new from Apple Fitness +

Apple Fitness +, the first fitness service built around the Apple Watch, introduces more ways to make fitness welcoming and inclusive for everyone with new workouts specially designed for pregnancy and seniors, as well as various new High Intensity Interval Yoga (HIIT) workouts. and strength training sessions for beginners. These workouts are designed to help users build confidence regardless of their level of fitness, whether they’re just starting out, trying something new, or coming back to exercising for the first time in a long time.

The workouts for pregnant women Apple Fitness + will be run by expectant mom Betina Gozo and moms Emily Fayette and Anja García. Apple makes sure these new 10-minute workouts are designed to be done easily and quickly in any trimester of pregnancy and especially with any physical condition of the pregnant woman. In addition, the rest of the workouts within the platform can be reduced in intensity to be able to couple them to these new workouts. Some training courses are aimed at people who need special social and health care.

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Apple Fitness +, a fitness service geared towards the Apple Watch

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They are also added new workouts for the elderly Directed by Molly Fox, Gregg Cook, Dustin Brown, Bakari Williams and John González. Each specialist in a type of sport: strength, yoga, HIIT, dance, etc. They ensure that these 8 new workouts They are performed with a small dumbbell or with your own body weight. So little hardware is needed except for the Apple Watch to coordinate with the platform, that’s clear.