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Apple glasses will not be available until 2022 according to Ming-Chi Kuo





This period of isolation has brought about a great change in the rhythm of our lives. From the moment we were confined to our homes, we began to feel as the world around us began to shrink. And, of course, tech companies don't really go for this. In fact, it is possible this season it takes a lot of delay development of various products and services, such as Apple & # 39; s RA glasses.

For a few years now, We know that Apple has been working hard at making it various technologies related to augmented facts. They started with ARKit, a set of software tools that allowed the creation of a host of virtual reality applications made through iOS and IPOS. And one of its next steps would be the introduction of a truly unpopular glass of truth that is able to take everything learned this age to another level.

The biggest problem with these types of technologies is that they are in the early stages, and we all know very well that Apple wouldn't risk launching an uninsulated product. For this reason, it seems like we'll have to wait a little longer to know what could be the new product of the company's future. Exactly, and according to the famous commentator Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple I will be thinking of introducing these glasses by 2022

, sometime later than expected.

Apple glass
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The introduction of these mirrors could mean a big change for Apple's platforms. If ARKit is already well developed, with glasses on the market we can have a new platform designed specifically for unpleasant realities. For this reason, it is clear that those working at Cupertino will want to take as much time as possible. And under the current circumstances, it is perfectly normal to exceed expectations.


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