The discovery of small companies that are being made by technology is the beginning of a new phase in the past. New projects, new direction and new goals. Apple has been targeted by companies that buy with the aim of developing something they need or want to improve. In recent years, critical intelligence companies and virtual companies have taken the cake when it comes to adoption. And these days we're adding one new company: NextVR.

It is An American company dedicated to virtual video streaming is known for his coverage of NBA, WWE, and other events.

A promising future for virtual reality with NextVR

A few hours ago we told you analysts' forecasts Ming Chi-Kuo regarding the next big apple devices. According to this researcher, Apple's glasses could come in 2022 and vice versa Apple may be planning a virtual reality deployment. These glasses allow the user a large number of options so far we don't know. However, knowing Apple we will have all the operating environment of the devices and services in our eyes.

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A new acquisition by Apple NextVR. It's a holding company streaming sports, music and entertainment events providing them with a virtual reality experience compatible with a large number of VR mirrors from Google, Microsoft, Playstation and others. What looks like a simple event streaming company to give a different touch to them is not something that has attracted the attention of Apple, or so we believe.

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NextVR has more than 40 patents on technology used for transfer. That is why combined with the labor cost is exactly what Apple was looking for, to get the special technology to develop and plan a true deployment that can be realized by 2022 with the official launch of Apple Glass. Last purchase it could be closed for $ 100 million and it has emerged that some of the NextVR staff will be moving their belongings to the Apple Campus to work in the big apple offices.