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Apple introduces 13 new icons (find here)



Apple introduces 13 new icons (find here)

Every July 17 is World Emoticon Day. Through this event, Apple has sought to provide an indication of what will be its new icons, which are expected to arrive at the launch of its new operating systems later this year.

Apple's new icons are based on new logos designed by Unicode Consortium. Apple's own designers have given those emojis the touch needed to adapt to the company's style.

As reported The Japanese version of Engadget, directly there are 13 new thumbnails, which you can see in this picture:

For one thing, the new “pig” emoticon is brilliant, as it is known in Italy for the movement of the fingers on one hand. We already have a new way of showing disbelief or frustration.

On the other hand, Apple also added a masked ninja, matryoshka, piñata, a glass of bubble tea and tamale. They are fitted with a new icon of the heart and lungs.

Also, we can now start a visual boomerang, a dollar coin and two new animals: a dodo and a beaver. Finally, Apple has also decided to add an emoticon to represent transsexual people.

As we said, these new icons are expected to hit the iPhone when the official version emerges IOS 14, expected next month. Instead, you can now enjoy 117 new icons that have already been added to this by 2020.

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