Yesterday was a day of renewal, all Apple devices were updated to include news, most of them are focused on iCloud and support for navigation. A review that lets us see how iOS 14 will be the next big app for Apple's mobile devices. And yes, when we say everything we say it all, and that HomePod has also just received its corresponding update. Apple & # 39; s HomePod has also recently been updated to version 13.4

. After the gage we tell you the news and how to update it …

Yes, little news, or at least it seems … This is new HomePod version 13.4 brings us standard durability and quality improvement. We don't know what this translates to, but everything that involves the quality of the words is correct, and many of the comments deny us. The HomePod firmware automatically updates

, although you can also check your version and force an update if there is one. To check your HomePod version and update it you must follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Home app
  2. Click the House icon on the top left
  3. Download "Software Update"
  4. Push the screen down to start looking for updates (here you will also see the version your HomePod has, remember that the last one is 13.4)
  5. If your HomePod hasn't updated automatically here you can force an update

You know, if you have a HomePod run to update it so that it can enjoy the updates brought by this new version of the operating system. It's not very good at a functional level but as we always say it's great to have our devices updated to the latest version, and we'll see if next time from Comertino they continue to add new features to have more functionality in our HomePods.