Apple is deciding that widgets in iOS 14 are small apps 1IOS 14 have rediscovered widgets as they now know. Even more impressive is the diversity in iPhones whose features can be reset within the home screen and not in the dedicated category of widgets. Throughout the WWDC, Apple offered several times to explain Behavior and how to make these widgets. In one of those sessions, the idea of ​​being repeated as a mantra from Copertino was brought down:

widgets should not be requests for what they are and will need to be visible, relevant and personalized.

New widgets: visible, relevant and personalized

Apple dedicated several times to the new features of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. In one of those moments, Campertino engineers explained to developers how to work on new widgets. Because of the upgrade kit WidgetKit, the developer will then establish a link between the information in your app and the widget on the home screen.

Learn how to start creating a widget and find out how WidgetKit uses the power of SwiftUI to provide a seamless experience. Find out how to enhance your existing verification technology to make sure your widget includes the right features

Apple is deciding that widgets in iOS 14 are small apps 2

Widgets should be kept updated so that the user can keep up to date with the latest information. And when the user needs more information, the item will take them to the appropriate location for the request. Apple says it over and over again It is not intended that these innovations turn into smaller applications.

But in things that allow users to get relevant information, they are transparent and can be personalized.

Widgets should have three views: small, medium, and large. The developer can use SwiftUI to upgrade their widgets and later configure their code. What is the final goal? Give the item a widget collection for the user to customize their home screen. The former is already coming to the App Store thanks to the rapid recovery of applications by developers, who are committed to the evolution of the existing operating system.