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Apple is hiring Ridley Scott, now to create Apple TV + content




Ridley Scott

In the last two weeks, many new announcements have been announced by Apple to tackle the next projects of its streaming forum, Apple TV +. Most recently, including a celebrity in the world of cinema and in Apple history, Ridley Scott, the director behind the 1982 TV show "

The merger with Apple and Ridley Scott was made by the Free Productions company, known for collecting a large number of awards over its 25 years. However, it is not a contract of choice, as the producer has done some of the following Disney + and HBO Max projects.

Ridley Scott is partnering with Apple to find new projects

The newly signed agreement says Scott will be working for the first time on new TV shows and presenting Apple projects, which can be unlocked via Apple TV +, or other projects in networks and streaming services.

Scotland's portfolio includes blockbuster movies such as Top Gun and The Martian, and series like Amazon & # 39; s Man in the High Palace, but Apple's relationship with Scott actually dates back decades. Now, it is expected that Apple TV + as the only major streaming service without a licensed catalog

, expanding its supply of articles on services, tackling the tough battle of this kind of entertainment Netflix, Disney +, the Amazon war, and where new suggestions are being added daily.

Just yesterday, Apple closed a similar proposal with production company Sofia Coppola to develop a new Apple TV + program based on Edith Wharton's 1913 novel "Culture of the World." This will be the first series for the actor and maker and a great opportunity for Apple to continue to share quality content from the industry's leading experts.


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