& # 39; 1984 & # 39; is one of the best trades in history. Steve Jobs has hired the Ridley Scott Center to produce an ad aimed at bringing the Apple Macintosh to the public. At that time, the & # 39; Blade Runner & # 39; 1984 & # 39 ;. After 36 years, Ridley Scott returns to Apple, but in this case not to promote ads but expand the Apple TV + catalog with new programs and series to be distributed worldwide.

Ridley Scott's return to Apple

British filmmaker Ridley Scott He has already worked for Apple in one of his first television shows, costing almost a million euros. In his film career we can find great and well-known films such as Blade Runner, Gladiator or The Martian. Her work, marked above all by futurism, planets, its strong female characters and cynical myth, has a long history and a large number of awards, including a BAFTA or three Oscar nominations for best directing.

The Scott Brothers production stamp bears his name Scott Free Productions. Apple has reached an agreement with this virtual content producer to produce quality Apple TV + content. The company represents its film production and the creation of a nationally renowned mini-series and television series. This type of content may be what Apple wants to try to increase its catalog a little, reaching the quality you want through commercial agreements with the most important production labels in the world.

A series of Scot Free Productions is now available on platforms such as Disney + or HBO Max. Still, Apple wants it Ridley Scott who is working on new television projects that they would prioritize Apple TV +. In the end, the big apple had the power to offer content locally or to distribute it through other networks or streaming services.