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Apple is launching a new site that promotes what iPhone and Apple Watch do together



Apple is launching a new site that promotes what iPhone and Apple Watch do together

Apple recently updated its website, currently in the United States only, with a new feature aimed at showing the positive interaction between iPhone and Apple Watch. In addition, the category is called iPhone+ Place it together.

If you like the Apple, here we tell you how to use it easily.

This new site can now be visited and show us some of them functions iPhone and Apple Watch do better together. Apple summarizes all these functions as follows: “Get directions on the iPhone and touch your frame when you need to turn. Check your heart rate on Apple Watch and track the last hour, day, month or year on the iPhone. When you combine both, they add a lot

It's all a development to get the iPhone and Apple Watch, according to Apple

The web is full of activities that will answer all your questions if you really thought about the Apple Watch. It's certainly a device that powers the iPhone. According to Apple, this is the best use of the iPhone and Apple Watch:

  • Take calls calmly. One of the best features of the Apple Watch, if you get a call and don't have an iPhone nearby, you can answer or reject it on your wrist. You can even pick up the phone from the Watch and transfer it to the iPhone with a few taps if necessary.
  • Respond faster than uninstalling iPhone. Apple Watch is great for replying to or just looking at TextApp messages or wallets. Indeed, it takes far less time to respond than removing an iPhone from your pocket.
  • Take pictures on the wrist. One of those jobs you don't know how useful you are until you have them. From the Apple Watch you can start your iPhone's camera, see what you see and take a picture or start a timer. Perfect for controlling the iPhone camera remotely.
  • 60 million songs in your pocket. Even if you don’t have it in your pocket. The Apple Watch is compatible with Apple Music, and other services, so you can go out and listen to music even if you don't have an iPhone, especially with 4G neighbors.
  • Keep track of your heartbeat without error. What you say about the Apple Watch's medical functions, the Apple Watch is a great tool to measure the rhythm of our heart, and if it detects any discomfort it will inform you so you can go to the doctor.
  • Training partners. Sports is also a powerful component of the Apple Watch, and you can compete with other friends or family for distance training. On the iPhone you can see in a detailed way all the daily tasks collected by the Apple Watch.
  • You will know where to go without looking at the iPhone. The iPhone is ready to follow directions, but especially when traveling, you won't have to look for it to guide you. The Apple Watch will not only show the map, it will also improve if you have to change direction.
  • Find the iPhone on the clock. And just the opposite. The Apple Watch has a button to zoom the iPhone, even to turn the light on, so you can get it. The reverse applies, too, you can find it from the Search app and place a message on the screen if you lose.
  • Out of the bag? Without an iPhone? No problem. The Apple Watch is a futuristic wallet, with just holding your frame you can pay without a connection, and requires no internet connection or having an iPhone nearby.

How do we see the The Apple Watch enables many features of the iPhone it also allows us to be less independent of the telephone. In most cases it doesn't matter if you have it, you can do more for your wrist.

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