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Apple is paying $ 120 for the next Will Smith movie



Apple is paying $ 120 for the next Will Smith movie

If it is worth it, Apple is not ignoring it. This looks to be the culmination of an apple bite after paying $ 120 million for claiming the rights to Will Smith's next film, “Emancipation,” of its Apple TV + platform. What has been done so far has been the biggest contract acquisition in film history.

Following the launch at the Cannes Virtual Film Market, held in late June as a replacement for the Cannes Film Festival, several producers expressed interest a project that features Smith's course and is directed by Antoine Fuqua

, best known for his involvement in “Training Day” projects and “The Equalizer” projects.

Apple manages the distribution among the seven manufacturers interested in the project with a tender exceeding $ 75 million. The final payers were Warner Bros. and Apple, and the latter eventually closed the deal.. Sources said the commitment amounts to $ 105 million, but if the total return purchase is taken into account, the agreement will exceed $ 120 million.

Apple is a million dollars for “Emancipation”

“Cleaning” an act won by Willam N. Collage for the tragic escape of Peter, a runaway slave they were forced to evacuate cold-blooded hunters and unfinished swamps in Louisiana on a difficult trip to the north, where they joined the Union Army. Production will begin in early 2021 and be distributed first in the theater and then worldwide on Apple TV +.

Since the launch of Apple TV + eight months ago, the search for the best documentaries, artists and executives has been one of the platform platforms today with catalog and 30 productions of original content in various ways, which are gradually gaining acceptance by the public and special critics.

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