Last year Amazon I was surprised to buy one of the beginnings that was so amazing thanks to their wifi wifi routers, eero. A company that recognizes this has received tremendous financial pressure to expand internationally. Routers work very well, and that eero has updated to offer them Apple HomeKit support, the additional security that Apple provides with everything that goes around the networks in our home. And it was precisely this merger that led Apple to sell the Apple Store's eero routers. We can now buy the entire range of Apple Store eero routers

, after the jump we give you all the details.

As we say, We are already getting the full range of eero mesh wifi routers in the Apple store (inside United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain

), apparently currently only online due to Apple's physical store restrictions. Prices do not have official pricing for the type:

  • Eero mesh wifi router: € 109.95 (€ 279.95 for 3 pack)
  • Eero Pro Mesh Wifi Router: € 199.95 (€ 499.95 for 3 pack)

Others Routers powered by eero TrueMesh technology, and that they provide us with Internet access throughout our house. Obviously depending on the size of our house we will need more or less devices but I can already tell you that they work really well. I have been using eero for a few months all the problems I had with Wifi in my house have disappeared due to network router management

and Wifi channels. If you have problems with Wifi in your house do not hesitate to find one of these erosIn addition, now that he's available in the Apple store, he'll confirm Apple's support in the sale.