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Apple is working with BMW to develop the first CarKey-compatible vehicle, according to 9to5Mac.




At the beginning of February, several news to come in the coming weeks thanks to the first beta version of iOS 13.4. For universal purchases between macOS and iOS / IPOS / watOS and tvOS apps, we should add references to CarKey.

This feature will allow drivers to use their car key with their iPhone thanks to NFC. However, there are no cars that feature the technology, but Apple is working with BMW to improve the first linear model, according to 9to5Mac.

BMW refuses to make statements


The center has received numerous references in iOS 14 to CarKey code suggesting that Apple and BMW are working to create the first car that can control some of its operations with the iPhone. Contact the manufacturer

so that they can provide more information, but they guarantee that they will not be able to inform or provide additional information.

Instead, they refer you to a computer released in December detailing BMW's effort accepts the digital key standard for smartphones and smart watches.

In addition, it mentions the Coches Car Connecaction Consortium & # 39; (CCC). This body is responsible for replacing the digital key between cars and connected devices. Apple is a part of it and Samsung and other products such as Audi or HYUNDAI.

The CCC has released new information at this level, too Apple and BMW can now use version 2.0, and version 3.0 will include improvements that will provide a more satisfying experience. Among the innovations is the option to add location-based accessibility, that is, without removing the smartphone from your pocket or purse.

CarKey and the UWB chip

The standard 3.0 version will use Ultra Wideband, a UWB chip installed on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. In the meantime, Apple has only used this chip to improve data transfer using AirDrop., but many uses can be made, such as AirTags.

And it's no surprise that Apple has collaborated with BMW. This producer was the first to put together a wireless version of CarPlay. Although the key will also work with tablets, it is unknown whether CarKey will be compatible with the iPad. With this function you can lock, unlock and launch vehicles using the iPhone, and will be integrated with Wallet through the authentication process.

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