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One of the flagship products presented last Tuesday was AirTag, the Big Apple’s geolocation label. A product with many rumors behind it and which finally sees the light of day for a price of 35 dollars per unit. Accessory uses the research network created in collaboration with all Apple devices deployed worldwide. In one of the latest interviews, Apple vice president of product marketing Kaiann Drance said that there is a limit of 16 AirTags activated by Apple ID.

Additionally, he ensured that the product was not designed to track children or pets.

A maximum of 16 AirTags per Apple ID, the limit imposed by Cupertino

Interviewer René Ritchie, known on Youtube, met Kaiann Drance, Apple’s vice president of product marketing. Throughout the interview, they talked about new versions from Apple. In addition, it was provided information so far unknown

for many users, taking into account that the support information available on Apple’s website is still quite scarce.

However, Drance announced two relatively important aspects of AirTags. It has been confirmed that there is an activation limit for each Apple ID. This limit is located at 16 AirTag per user. In other words, each user can activate up to a maximum of 16 accessories which, if purchased in sets of 4, their total price would be 476 dollars.

Apple limits AirTags that can be linked to each Apple ID to 16 1

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Another of the announcements concerned the possibility to share the location of these accessories with the rest of the family thanks to family sharing. This allows the location beacon detect family iPhones and avoid turning on Lost Mode when contacting a device other than the one you turned on.