COVID-19 is still in our lives and more. By successive commands the alarm status remains in full cell. Big companies make their art available to the public to provide medical help and all kinds of help in trying to beat the virus. But the resources can not only be physical, but also digital and small changes for users. In the app for Apple Maps

We see how Apple prioritizes key sectors during incarceration: hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets, paramedics … This way we can use the app more quickly to find these facilities more quickly.

Minor changes to Apple Maps follow COVID-19

Apple Maps divides geographic categories into separate labels depending on the same usage. Prior to the advent of COVID-19, previous categories in the user preferences list were available restaurants, cafes, service stations or supermarkets. However, with the closing of all this establishment due to the unique nature of alarms around the world, it means that users will stop looking for this type of business to look for others who are more important.

In Spain, for example, you can opt out in certain situations, but as usual. just to buy essential products, work in essential service or accompany a dog, among other situations. Apple wanted to make it easier for users to work on its map Apple Maps.

This has been done, prioritizing the most-needed areas for coronavirus arrival and confinement:

  • Supermarkets
  • Food delivery
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospitals
  • Emergencies
  • Petrol stations

These categories appear first each time we click on the address bar to search for any establishment. However, we do miss other options unless Google Maps is available after COVID-19, such as updating opening hours of various locations or geographically generated country messages.