Apple car

It seemed like the news we were talking about the Apple Car and its arrival for next year (which is fast approaching) that a Taiwanese media outlet leaked a few days ago could not be true. A few days later, Reuters warned that this Apple smart vehicle would not arrive until 2024 and now a document has been leaked which talks about the arrival of this car for the year 2021. Without a doubt, important news for those who wait Apple is moving with this launch of its own smart car.

There is no official day but a year ago, it will finally be for 2021

The official document leaked directly from Apple and which we link to at the bottom of this article shows us the year in which Apple plans to launch this car and it will finally be 2021. It looks like it will soon be a reality seeing this document that comes from Apple itself.

We will have to see several important details of this launch such as the exact date and especially the price of the new Apple Car which will arrive in 2021, which seems obvious is that this Apple smart car is just around the corner

and in Cupertino it is clear that launching it as early as possible can be advantageous to compete in a completely overcrowded industry and with fairly fair profit margins.

This is the document to which certain media have had access and which we wish to share with you so that you can see in detail the start of this smart car from Apple.