Seamless Play on Apple Music: nice to get stuck

This update includes support for seamless playback, improvements in Android Auto downloads and music, and optimization of full app performance.

The seamless play It is a tool used by many music streaming services. This description is included in its name. It consists of eliminating interruptions or silence between track and track in our playlists. This allows the user have a music line without empty spaces.

In addition, there are as many albums released by artists who pause between songs as there is a relationship between the track sequences.

There are many ways to produce this work without interruption. One of the best known is to cross which will start playing the next song a bit before the end of the one we are listening to. In this way, we achieve a continuous recording rhythm, without stopping or crashing.

Apple Music for Android is getting seamless playback in its 3.30 version. In the coming days it will be introduced in the Google Play Store and users will be able to start enjoying this little feature that many users consider important.