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Spotify and Apple Music are at the top of music streaming services. Although the listening base is growing on Apple Music, Spotify is still king. With more than 150 million Premium users and more than 250 million users listening to advertising, it is the leader of an increasingly competitive market in which artists demand much more economic relevance. In a press release sent by Apple Music to artists, producers and record labels, the payment method for the service was confirmed and it turns out that the Big Apple pays one cent of the dollar for each reproduction made.

Apple pays a dime per listen – double what Spotify pays

The Apple Music Note was born for several reasons. First of all, in response to the one published by Spotify a few weeks ago where he explained how his service rewarded artists. Second, to continue to maintain healthy transparency between Apple Music and artists, an important mission from those in Cupertino who have repeatedly stressed that it is very important for them. And finally, try to attract the artistic community to invest more and more in exclusive content on Apple’s music streaming service.

Apple Music says it pays artist a dime for each reproduction 1

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A penny for every listen that’s what Apple Music pays the artist. However, most of this money does not go to the artist himself, but there are intermediaries: the record company, publishers, advertisers, etc. If we compare it to how Spotify pays, we see that it is almost double since Spotify pays between a third and half a dollar for each listen. However, the end result is that Spotify generates a lot more revenue from the large active user base it has.

Finally, we must also underline the origin of payments by Apple Music which intrinsically arises from the payment of the subscription by the users. While Spotify has a large portion of the advertisers who pay to appear as ads to the over 250 million users who do not pay for the premium service.