Apple Music will start sending us notifications about the stories of our beloved artists 1

Apple continues to improve its services, we already see it with IOS Release 13.4, where Cloud had some expected improvements that made it possible to share folders, but not only did Cloud improve (in addition to the addition of mouse support and track tracks in IPOS)… Apple Music keeps moving forward and now they want to send us notifications …

Whether you like it or not Apple wants us to be more aware of the social network, after gray we tell you more about these notifications that you will soon start to see that you are subscribing to Apple Music.

As you can see in the picture above, Apple wants us to know everything about our favorite artists, and that now is that get ready to send us notifications about new albums, songs and videos of all of our favorite artists in our bookstore. New features will be announced on the pop-up screen that will allow us to use all notifications or customize them as we please. Pests that can infect determine the type of issue we want to be informed of, by the following artists, etc.

All this so that notifications are useful but not invasive.

New notifications that many of you may be trying to experiment with, to find out if you already have Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad, if you don't see the pop-up screen of these notifications you will have to wait a bit more … Apple has already posted a couple of notifications in the past, but it seems to be suggesting

Now, these announcements promise to be very helpful because they will focus only on the artists we love the most. The great thing is that you are always up to date, that if it bothers us we can always work.