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Apple News +: Will it feature articles in audio format in the future?




Over the years, Apple has been updating its operating systems to make them available to people of all abilities. The latest step is coming with a new update to Apple News +, its subscription news service.

Or at least they guarantee it from Digiday, Its sources report that, in the future, the company will allow its users to listen to the articles on the platform, instead of reading them.

Apple would have already contacted at least four publishers to get their permission to record an audio version of their articles published in News +. Apple will bear all the costs of production, but profit will be shared equally.

Only the need for publishers will be able to choose which articles can be in audio format and can. Some are written by external donors subject to special funding. According to these sources, Apple has not yet released its approval.

Although some question the number of people who might be interested in the project, the fact is that from Macworld we see tremendous potential, especially when we look at the growing popularity of

podcasts in recent years.


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