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Apple offers more than two million masks in the US and Europe




With 25,000 positive cases on COVID-19, the United States is becoming increasingly concerned about the slow-moving epidemic on the continents until it reaches the United States. With the increase in medical emergencies and coronavirus-related respiratory conditions, health systems are beginning to collapse not only due to a lack of space in their units, but also to a lack of physical resources. This is why companies around the world are beginning to show solidarity because of a common problem. Tim Cook announced that will donate 2 million N95 masks to the United States and Europe against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Mask: Apple's Opportunity

The announcement was made officially by US Vice President Mike Pence at a press conference: Apple would help by providing masks to health systems in the US and Europe.

Hours later Apple chief executive Tim Cook announced in a tweet that they would give N95 sandwiches to the two continents for "each leading hero."

The situation in the United States is worse these days, and today, there are more than 25,000 citizens on COVID-19, with over 300 deaths and nearly 150. Although the measures are not serious, the emergence of the virus is expected to worsen and the steps that will be put together by state and national governments will begin to emerge.

The mask that Apple will offer is known N95. They are filter masks designed to provide respiratory protection that does not allow the movement of particles in the air. Its name comes from the fact that visible filters are at least 95% of the particles in the air.


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Where did apple get 2 million n19 masks? Do they use that many that they have 2 million to spare?
Sorry for the duplicate here.


Where did they get so many masks? Do they use that many that they can spare 2 million?



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