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Apple patent airbag differs from its Apple Car theory




Apple Car Patent

Waiting for the car with the logo of the apple bite It's been a long time, counting the period since 2015 when the first rumors started to be heard that this was happening, which Apple called Project Titan. So, all this time it has been the patents and leaks that have allowed us to have equity in the development of the Apple Car theory

Although most of this information is focused on nominations private vehicles, has recently been able to learn of the progress of Apple in its security services. Inside, the design looks different from what we are used to and this includes unique protection. So, they express it Patents airbag fitted with a request by the company.

Apple specializes in Apple Car security

According to documents related to Apple's work in building its car, the company will focus on changing driving habits. This includes a proposal that sit sitting inside chairs facing the centerAs if it were a room and everyone could talk to each other.

In view of the proposal to the seats, the registered patents of Apple indicate that Apple Car negative The airbag is built into the seat belts of the car and emergency protective roof holes. This concept is also given in a simple way, and shows that the air bag we can roof lwekhabethe directly in front of the area where the passenger was sitting there, the obstacles to movement to and including the impact of the possible.

examples an air bag for a seat belt an air bag of a ceiling fixed by the additional holes to reduce travel. Along with the seat belt belt style air and roof mounting air bag with additional straps to reduce movement.

Apple Car patent design
However, without progress can be in these patent focused on safety, the files of the Apple applications include a number of proprietary rights during the week, but company research company to ensure that the concepts from the product or kwinkonzo. in the future. And in recent years, this has been the general conclusion about a possible company car.


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