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Apple patent iPad with notch





Apple has filed an interesting new claim. In it, the company is speculating the development of the new iPad embedded frame on the screen as notch of the latest iPhone models.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent showing the iPad in the same position as notch of the front camera and facial sensor ID.

This change will not only bring about it notch on the iPad, but it also puts the cameras on the side of the device.

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IPad in landscape

So far, Apple has been treating its iPad as if its standard method is still in place. Something is well illustrated by the apple logo found on the back of all iPad models, with a definite shape.

But it seems that the company is slowly realizing that users often use their iPad horizontally. If Apple finally decides to change the position of the front camera to sync it with more tablet use, the user experience will be greatly enhanced in facial recognition functions, Memojis or photo-visual effects.

But, obviously, Apple will need to put up notch because on that side of the iPad there is not much space between the computer parts.

This is how Apple's patent describes its use:

"A non-working area may have a black ink layer or other mask to block the view of the interior. An active area may have an opening containing a single working area, or may contain a notch or other break where part of the inactivated area appears."


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