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Apple patent method of measuring the blood pressure of a hand




In the past we know that Apple wanted methods can be used for the Apple Watch to measure blood pressure. In June 2016, the company filed a patent application frenetic patient's blood pressure. That patent was for blood pressure monitoring, a threat to be worn on the arm.

Apple continued research of blood and the blood of the technology and it seems to find a way of adding to the Apple Watch, rather than a different look for the device.

After just a few months (September 2016) Apple filed another permission, this "iron yesihlakala measuring blood pressure." The The US-Patent 10,646,121 It explains that blood pressure is measured accurately without a shaped frequency – Apple will install sensors watch (although the company refers to a legal ward, just a tool to don the wrist).

Apple's patent application explains this approach and addresses the challenges associated with finding the right balance. Apple is based The request Tonometry – a test used to measure fluid pressure in the eye. This process calculates how much pressure required an understatement cornea temporarily.

Apple explains that your device can work the same pressure and the radius artery on the wrist (the mountainside to be placed in front of the arm, near the tree, without komphandle).

Apple's patent describes two layers of capacitive sensors hidden under the bracelet. These are ecrisscross. Pressure sensors to the skin to the iron-shaped inner tool.

The pressure causes the upper and lower sensors to touch where they come in contact – creating an electrical signal that is tested by the clock. In this way high blood pressure is measured.

Apple is able to filter the pulse, and balance blood pressure. According to Apple, the pressure on the cuff can be done in different ways: with an air pump or directly with a small car. KweTactical conversion engine seems to be in use.

Surprisingly, this patent that Apple relies on the cuff as a set to measure blood pressure than buluff cuff.

It is speculated that Apple may not incorporate the technology into the new Apple Watch – instead it sells it as fitness (Which can be older and aspirant).

As the patents rights, you should be aware: obunelungelo patented technology means that you will be very little production, the shelves in the store of Apple.


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