Apple patent shows iPhone in Mac Pro design 1

It must be said that the design of the latest Mac Pro model, much more flexible than the previous one, was criticized at launch for resembling a “cheese grater” and later when you have it in front of you, you would love to have this iMac on your dining table just to enjoy its spectacular exterior design.

The truth is, this design may not appeal to everyone, but it really has nothing to do with a cheese grater when you have it in front of you. There are days a new patent filed by the Cupertino company showed an iPhone with the design of this iPhone

Can you imagine?

Good for some things, bad for others

Apple patent shows iPhone in Mac Pro design 3

It goes without saying that the addition of this patented Apple design of the Mac Pro to the iPhone he can have its good things and obviously other bad things

. To say a few positive points, we mainly arrive at a very good dissipation of the temperature or even a spectacular grip. Too bad, we have no resistance to water or even problems with soiling inside the equipment …

The patent seen on the web Obviously Apple It may enter us more or less on sight but what is clear is that it seems difficult for Apple to add this design of the Mac Pro to an iPhone in the short or long term. The materials used to make the Mac Pro may end up being the iPhone or we may even have something similar in the design someday, but copying that design seems to us like it may bring more disadvantages than advantages to one. iPhone. What do you think?