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Apple plans to introduce new colors of pink, blue, yellow and red Powerbeats Pro according to rumors




Water will update available colors Powerbeats Pro with light and spring variants. According to rumors, new colors will be the case it is pink, it is blue, yellow spring y red lava.

It is pink, blue, yellow and red


An account on Chinese social networks Weibo is responsible for this leak. The account, WaveTech, while not having a history of relevant rumors, has generated enough attention for us to consider these rumors as appropriate. In fact, we've been swirling around for several weeks renewal of Powerbeats Pro

, Powerbeats Pro 2nd Generation. Subsequently, with regulatory documentation of the various structures, we learned that it would be a small update, the details associated with the introduction of new colors.

The Powerbeats Pro family, and the Powerbeats as a whole, have been noted for its launch designs in bright and vibrant colors, something that happens with Apple Watch straps. Apart from that, we can currently only buy Powerbeats Pro dark, Navy blue, moss y elephant, so a color update would be welcome.

We do not know the release date for these new types of headphones but, to our knowledge, Apple could introduce them at any time and without prior notice.

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