Apple Podcast subscriptions will be operational on June 15 1

In just over four days, Apple’s new podcast subscription service will be live. On June 15, the Cupertino company will definitively activate this service payments called Apple Podcast subscriptions.

It should be noted that this payment method does not affect all podcasts that we can subscribe away from it, only podcasters who want to be able to use this service and create a subscription for its content.

Apple officially announces the arrival of the service for next Tuesday, June 15 if there are no last minute problems and in this way it will activate a service that was officially announced on April 20. We must again insist that this payment platform will exclusively affect all users who want to listen to podcasts whose content creator adds the subscription method. For example, in Actualidad iPhone, for now, these podcasts will be free.

Obviously, charging for listening to a podcast can be a double-edged sword, as many users view these subscription methods favorably and many others less. We can say that this is a way to professionalize podcasts but it should also be noted that adding a monthly subscription or a subscription does not mean that this particular podcast is going to improve significantly. By the way, for those wondering, Apple only offers the service will not take any commission on podcasts that add the subscription method